Outboard Sales and Services


Brown’s Marine helps extend the life of your outboard engine and ensures its reliability. By allowing our certified technicians to care for your outboard motor on a regular basis and by keeping up with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, we’ll help keep your engine in excellent working condition.

As a sales and service facility, our dedicated technicians are factory trained and certified annually on the products we sell. So trust your Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and older Evinrude/Johnson to the professionals. We use only specified lubricants and replacement parts follow the recommended maintenance schedule outlined by the manufacturer for each product. Prior to heading out this season, let Brown’s Marine schedule a preseason checkout. We can give you the assurance that your engine is ready to safely take you and your family out on the Bay. We can help you with as much or as little as you like.



Tune-ups are needed to keep your outboard motor running smoothly and optimize its power and efficiency. As seen with all parts of boat maintenance, tune-ups also allow for diagnostic opportunities.

Oil Change

As simple as it sounds, outboard motors need proper oil to continue operating at their best performance. Changing the oil is also an opportunity to check for other symptoms of mechanical failure that could be present or may arise in the future.

Motor Diagnostics

Running diagnostics is similar with all boats and includes engine mechanics, fuel systems, and electrical systems. But repairs can be complicated, and when salt water is thrown into the mix, they become much more challenging and time-consuming. We have vast experience in dealing with these challenging issues and are here to help you from the simplest to the most complicated.


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