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    Brown's Marine

    42 Jack's Place Rd,

    Deltaville VA

    Tel: 804 776 6365

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    Brown's Marine

    42 Jack's Place Rd,

    Deltaville VA

    Tel: 804 776 6365

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Repower your boat with confidence

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If you’re considering repowering your fishing or pleasure boat this year, Brown’s Marine can help you navigate the process. Repowering is a great way to extend the life of your vessel, but there’s more to consider than just bolting on a new engine or two.

We stand out in this area with a solid reputation as a premier sales and service marine facility. For 33 years, our boating clients have trusted our advice. We offer options to suit specific needs. What’s important to you may differ from what’s important to your neighbor.

Honda OutboardsYou may wonder if changing engine brands is a good idea. We are an authorized sales and service dealership for the top three outboard manufacturers: Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. By our many years of selling and servicing these manufacturer’s products we have seen both the good and the bad and are able to recommend the right choice for your boat. All three manufacturers are excellent, and all three have their sweet spots, certain horsepower models stand out for each.

We inspect your boat prior to any commitment — and prefer to do this with you present. You might be interested in new controls and instruments or new fuel-system com­ponents—and we can guide you through that too. Understanding every aspect of this important process is key to a perfect repower.

In this industry simply getting a rough estimate over the phone or email is unacceptable and usually results in an unhappy end result. No one wants any surprises. We’re here to help. Call all us at 804-776-6365 to get started.

Spring Commissioning at Browns Marine

It seems everyone is ready for the change of season, most especially boaters. There are many topics to think about as we get ready for warmer weather. In this blog we will discuss some of the more important ones. First let’s talk about gasoline. Fuel distributers will be shifting over to summer blend fuel and stopping delivery of winter blend. For those boaters that have older fuel sitting in their tanks keep in mind that winter blend fuel was formulated for colder temps, running this fuel out as temperatures climb can cause problems. Most of today’s newer more sophisticated engines have ECU’s or ECM’s (electronic control modules/units) that read data fed to them constantly and adjust to try and perform to those inputs. Poor fuel can cause many costly problems and even ruin your engine. Today we must use additives to try and combat the adverse affects on our marine engines. Stop by and we will be glad to discuss the benefits of these products. Products like Ring Free Plus, Internal Engine Cleaner, PRI-G fuel stabilizer, K-100 Fuel Conditioner, Sta-Bil- Honda fuel stabilizer and many more.

Be prepared, as most of our customers are, they understand the importance of preventative maintenance. Most have learned the off-season is the best time to schedule service and any needed repairs. This avoids downtime during the spring/summer season. If you did not winterize – call to schedule service checkups sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the busier we may be. Many customers are already scheduling dewinterizing and bottom painting.Outboard Mechanic

Some important items to keep in mind: water pumps and thermostats are critical to the life of your engine – especially in a saltwater environment. Thermostats should be inspected and/or replaced annually especially in a four stroke. According to most manufacturers today water pumps should be serviced every two to three years (especially in a salt water environment) not just for the components that make up the water pump but also to make sure everything comes apart as it should. We have seen many instances where the lower gear case will not want to separate or the driveshaft key way will not come out due to lack of service. Keeping up with recommended service saves you money in the long run. Also remember simple items like your battery(s). Be sure they are maintained properly and kept charged. If they are suspect, let us load test them for you and make sure they are safe. If you need replacements – remember we stock Interstate Batteries which are fully charged and delivered on a bi-weekly schedule. Speaking of safety – always keep these items on your check list: steering systems – whether mechanical or hydraulic, controls, shift and throttle cables, all fuel and oil hoses, all filters, propeller(s) and don’t forget the trailer. Remember in most cases a trailer equipped with brakes must be inspected annually – in Virginia 3000# gross and over is required to have brakes and therefore needs inspection.

On the sales front we have been busy with new boat orders and customer re-powers. New inventory has been arriving with more to come. Much of this inventory is pre-sold but stock items will be arriving mid-March. For those still looking for that perfect boat or motor please contact us soon. We look forward to seeing all of you for the upcoming season!